‘Being here means I have developed a curious and enthusiastic attitude to a wide variety of subjects.’ — U8th former

We have an outstanding academic tradition, which fosters a culture of scholarship, creativity and enquiry.

Our teachers are experts in and passionate about their subjects, and they venture well beyond the assessed syllabus. We wish to inspire our pupils and to respond to their questioning and curiosity.

Boys are encouraged to develop their own passion for learning, to develop a spirit of enquiry and to become increasingly self-directed in their study. Their tutors assist them in learning how to balance their academic interests and their other commitments.

Academic Performance

Boys follow a curriculum to IGCSE/GCSE and then to AS and A Levels or Pre-U. We believe that IGCSE offers breadth and good curriculum content, and that of all the 16+ examination options A Levels and Pre-U provide the greatest flexibility and choice for both boys and teachers.

We are proud of our pupils’ outstanding results in these exams, but the real academic strength of St Paul’s is that discussion in the classroom is not constrained by the examined curriculum. Examination success is important, but for gifted boys it should be a by-product of their broader intellectual development.

St Paul’s regularly topped the league tables published each August before we co-founded a movement among leading schools to withhold publication of our GCSE and A Level results at that time of the year. We believe that league tables are too narrow a measure of a school’s educational provision. The school publishes its results each year once all re-marks are known. Our results, and the all-round education we provide, are such that pupils go on to study at top universities in the UK and North America.

Core Subjects at GCSE

All boys take these subjects to GCSE:

Biology, Chemistry, PhysicsEnglish Language, English Literature, Mathematics

Options for AS, A Level & Pre-U

These include the subjects for GCSE together with:

Computing, Economics, Further Maths, PoliticsTheatre Studies and a range of Extended Projects