Exam results

‘My teachers teach things that are interesting and exciting, not just what is on our exam papers.’ — 6th former

One of the weaknesses of the league table culture is its tendency to focus on statistics and to disregard context. An education at St Paul’s is not about percentages of A grades or whatever. It is about fostering a sense of scholarship far beyond the examined curriculum and about providing diverse extra-curricular opportunities. We have helped the overwhelming majority of Paulines to achieve their personal aims; it is the people we care about, not just the statistics.

Since 2008, we have not allowed our results, good though they were, to be released for the compilation of the August league tables in the media. We believe that raw statistics are not an accurate guide to the quality of education available in a school, and schools which would otherwise tend to top the league tables are in a unique position to take a lead in undermining them.

Once all appeals have been heard (usually in November), we formally publish our results here. You can access our latest published set of exam results below.