A silver fish, awarded to all academic scholars, in memory of John Colet.

Junior Academic Scholarships at 13+

The examination is held annually in May. Candidates must be under 14 on 1 September following the examination and should be registered and entered for the examination by their Head Teacher. Candidates who do not win an award will be considered for a place on the basis of their scholarship papers.

The scholarship is tenable until the end of a pupil’s career at St Paul’s, subject to good work and conduct. A silver fish will be presented to all new scholars at a ceremony in the Autumn Term.

Compulsory papers are set in English, History, Geography, Latin, French, Mathematics, Science, and Theology and Philosophy. There is an optional paper in Greek and candidates are encouraged to offer it if they have reached a reasonable standard.

Download a zipped file of the 2011 papers (pdf).

Download a specimen Theology and Philosophy paper.

About 30 scholarships are awarded each year. All new academic scholarships are honorary and worth £60 per annum. However, should a family’s circumstances change, scholars can apply for fee assistance through our bursary scheme.

All scholarships may be increased through a means-tested bursary to the value of the full tuition fee and, where appropriate, 50% of the boarding fee.

Senior Academic Scholarships at 17+

No academic scholarships are awarded to boys joining the school at 16+. Senior Scholarships worth £60 per annum are awarded for the final year (Year 13, Upper Eighth) on the basis of work throughout the Lower Eighth year (Year 12) and AS level results. All boys are automatically considered for these awards.