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Upcoming events

  • Oct1U8ths US Universities: Final drafts of essays submitted to US counsellors for Regular Decision
  • Oct1Milton Lecture: Admiral Rupert Wallace CBE, 'The Arab/Israeli Conflict' (Wathen Hall). Compulsory for all L&U8ths
  • Oct1Clubs: Mathematics Quiz, semi-finals
  • Oct1Clubs: Senior Ergo Challenge
  • Oct1Judo: v Merchant Taylors (H)
  • Oct1Rugby: v St Benedict's 3rd XV (A)
  • Oct1U8th TS Theatre Trip to 'Little Revolution' (Almeida Theatre)
  • Oct2US Universities: visits from Georgetown, Princetown, Duke, Northeastern and Vanderbilt
  • Oct2Chapel: Corporate Communion and Breakfast
  • Oct2Clubs: Junior Ergo Challenge
  • Oct26th Form Careers Briefing Test
  • Oct2Clubs: 5th Form Kwik Cricket, round 1, AvF
  • Oct2Basketball: v UCS U15 (A)
  • Oct3Clubs: Mathematics Quiz, final