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Upcoming events

  • Apr20WEEK A
  • Apr20Isaiah Berlin Society: James Ladyman, University of Bristol
  • Apr21Clubs: Junior non-team Five-a-side, semi-finals and final
  • Apr21Tennis: 4th Form Trials
  • Apr21Music: Music Competition Finals (Wathen Hall)
  • Apr22Clubs: Senior Volleyball, FvA, DvB, HvC, EvG (whole event)
  • Apr22JobSoc: James Wallis, Games Designer (Montgomery Room)
  • Apr22Clubs: 6th Form Unihoc, EvG, CvH, FvB, AvD (whole event)
  • Apr22Drama: AS Performance Showcases (Milton Studio/Samuel Pepys Theatre)
  • Apr22Tennis: v Hampton (SL), Senior VI (H)