Today was a typical day: a good mix of academic studies and extra-curricular activities — L8th former

Sport at St Paul’s is inclusive. We have many elite athletes, teams and sportsmen, but our first aim is to provide a wealth of sport from which boys of all abilities are free to choose. 

Given the importance we place on choice, it’s no surprise that school teams are full of committed boys, inspired by staff who are themselves enthusiasts. Typically, up to half of all boys are involved in competitive matches on Saturdays.

When you come to St Paul’s, you can play a number of racquet sports, train in our gym, take part in martial arts or learn from the multi-disciplined athletics team. There are more than 30 different types of sport to choose from and you can browse a selection of these here. Other sports that we play include: American football, badminton, biathlon, croquet, octopush, pentathlon, softball, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, unihoc, volleyball, water polo, yoga.

Over 60 staff, including former professionals, Oxbridge Blues and international sportsmen, help to run these activities and we provide the highest level of coaching throughout.

All sports are played in our weekly games half, an afternoon dedicated to games options, and the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth years also have timetabled periods of PE each week. Practice sessions are also held in our 100 minute lunch-break, allowing boys to play a number of different games or gain extra coaching in their favoured sport. That our facilities are on-site is, of course, a huge benefit.