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We cater for boys with food allergies or other specific dietary requirements. Boys at St Paul's Juniors take lunch at noon, ideally placed mid-way through their school day. The cost of lunch is included in the school fees. Holroyd Howe are our caterers. This week's menus are shown below during term time.

This Week’s Menus

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup Roast tomato and basil Mushroom and tarragon Christmas Lunch Staff Lunch x 200 Tomato soup
Bistro Dish Chicken tikka masala, naan bread, poppadoms, chutney BBQ chicken wraps, red slaw, mayo and salsa Roast Turkey Fried fish
Comfort Food Pork Stroganoff Beef bolognese with garlic bread Chipolata and bacon roll Sage stuffing Cranberry sauce
Vegetarian Alternative Aubergine, lentil, chick pea, tomato and herb bake Vegetable stir fry with soft egg noodles Vegetable strudel Roast vegetable gnocchi
Starch and Vegetables Whole grain vegetable rice Steamed broccoli Crushed new potatoes Parsley carrots & cabbage Roast potatoes Steamed carrots, sprouts and peas Chips Baked beans Peas
Pasta Bar Optional Extra Spicy bean and basil Roast bell pepper and thyme
Dessert Apple, raisin and mixed spice crumble and custard Selection of cakes with crème fraiche Gingerbread Mince pies Xmas pudding and custard Fruit crumble and custard
Salad of the Day BLT Beetroot, lentil, spinach and flat parsley Selection of salads
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