St Paul’s School / Sport

We were the first English school team to tour South Africa post-apartheid and in recent years have toured Spain and Portugal. These opportunities continue today with tours for different age groups involving training at top academies both domestic and abroad.

Fifteen football teams represent the School. Three teams in each of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth forms and six senior sides. There is also a non-team provision meaning there is ample opportunity for pupils to become involved in football at school.

Each team is organised and trained by a member of the St Paul’s staff. All teams are trained using similar activities and principles so the passing style of football we play is pervasive throughout the
School. We also employ outside coaches to run specialist sessions with the teams.

Teams compete in the Southern Lent Term League and the London Independent Schools Cup alongside other fixtures. Matches take place on Saturdays with occasional midweek fixtures during games halves.

U14s play matches during the second half of term after a skills-focused induction in January.

Each team has two lunchtime training sessions during the week. Before the spring term there is pre-season training for Senior, U16 and U15 players.

Representative Honours

The School has produced two boys who have gone on to earn blues at Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

Jasper Harlington was the first St Paul’s pupil to represent the ISFA U18 England team, in 2014.

Old Pauline Football

Many players join the Old Pauline Association Football Club after leaving St Paul’s, which is a flourishing club with four teams playing matches on Saturdays at the Old Pauline Club in Thames

Recent results

Harrow (Lent Term Southern league) –

1st Lose 3-5
2nd Win 2-0
3rd Win 5-4
U15 A Win 4-3

Harrow –

U16 B Win 1-0
U16 C Win 2-0
U16 D Lose 1-2

Dulwich –

U15 A Win 4-3
U15 B Draw 2-2
U15 C Lose 1-5

Harrow (Lent Term Southern League) –

U16 A Draw 2-2

Dulwich –

U15 D Win 2-1


1st Lose 1-3
3rd Draw 2-2
4th Lose 2-5
5th Win 4-0
6th Lose 0-3
7th Draw 1-1

Hampton (London Schools Semi-Final) –

2nd Lose 0-4

Tonbridge (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Lose 0-2
2nd Lose 1-2
3rd Win 2-1
U16 A Lose 2-3
U15 A Lose 1-2

Berkhamsted –

U14 A Win 4-1
U14 B Win 4-0
U14 C Draw 4-4
U14 D Win 5-0

St John's (Lent Term Southern league) –

U15 A Lose 0-3

KCS Wimbledon –

1st Draw 3-3
3rd Win 3-0
4th Draw 2-2
5th Lose 2-3
6th Win 3-2
7th Win 2-1
8th Lose 1-2

Brentwood (London Schools Cup) –

2nd Win 2-1

Haileybury (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Win 5-2
2nd Lose 1-2
3rd Win 6-0
U16 A Win 5-2
U15 A Lose 2-3

Haileybury –

4th Win 16-1
5th Win 5-0
U16 B Win 6-0
U16 D Win 10-0
U15 B Win 1-1
U15 C Win 5-0
U14 B Win 4-0
U14 C Win 2-0

Sutton –

U15 A Draw 2-2
U15 B Lose 2-4
U15 C Win 3-1
U15 D Win 1-0
U15 E Lose 1-2

Wilsons –

4th Lose 1-4
5th Win 4-1
6th Win 7-1

Wellington (Lent Term Southern League) –

2nd Win 1-2
3rd Win 5-0

Dulwich –

U16 A Lose 1-6
U16 B Win 3-1
U16 C Draw 2-2
U16 D Win 3-1

Radley (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Draw 3-3
2nd Lose 3-4
3rd Draw 2-2
U16 A Win 3-1
U15 A Win 9-0

Highgate –

U14 A Win 7-0
U14 B Win 4-0
U14 C Win 10-1
U14 D Lose 2-5

Epsom –

U16 A Draw 1-1
U16 B Win 5-0
U16 C Win 1-0
U16 D Win 5-0
U16 E Win 9-2
U15 A Win 3-2
U15 B Win 5-1
U15 C Lose 1-3
U15 D Draw 2-2
U15 E Win 9-2

John Lyon –

1st Win 2-1
2nd Win 3-0
3rd Win 6-0
4th Win 4-0

Sutton –

5th Draw 1-1
6th Lose 1-5
7th Win 4-0
8th Win 4-0

Westminster –

U16 A Win 6-1
U16 B Win 5-1

City of London –

5th Lose 1-4
6th Win 5-1
7th Win 5-2

St John's (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Lose 1-2
2nd Lose 1-2
3rd Win 5-3

Cranleigh –

U16 A Draw 2-2
U16 B Win 8-2
U16 C Win 8-1

John Lyon –

U15 C Win 5-0

Latymer –

1st Win 4-1

Oratory (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Win 4-0
2nd Win 5-1
3rd Win 3-0
U16 A Win 3-1
U15 A Win 8-1

Hampton –

1st Lose 1-4

Berkhamsted (Lent Term Southern League) –

1st Win 3-2
2nd Lose 3-4
3rd Win 3-2
U16 A Draw 2-2
U15 A Lose 3-4

Berkhamsted –

4th Win 3-1
5th Win 6-0
6th Lose 2-3
U16 B Win 5-0
U15 B Win 5-1