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March 14, 2018

​Senior Mathematical Challenge and British Mathematical Olympiad Successes​

This academic year has once again seen Paulines achieving enormous success in mathematics competitions.

The Senior Mathematics Challenge, held last November, was taken by 266 boys (mostly Sixth and Eighth Formers, but also including about 20 Fifth Form pupils) with impressive results: 117 boys received a gold award, 78 a silver award and 57 secured a bronze.

Twenty-seven SMC participants qualified for Round 1 of the British Mathematical Olympiad, including two Sixth Form and three Fifth Form pupils. Eight of these achieved a distinction, scoring above 30 out of a possible 60 marks, and Lower Eighth Form boys Navonil Neogi and Julius Zhang achieved a bronze medal, as did Upper Eighth former Zacharie Sciamma. Julius and Navonil also qualified for Round 2 of this competition (as did Fifth Former Alex Kwang), with both of them achieving a further distinction.

Congratulations to all!

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