A Day in the Life of an Upper First Year Pupil

I woke up and smiled to myself because I was going to the best school ever!

Today was a fun-filled, busy school day at St Paul’s Juniors. I arrived on my big, white school bus and was filled with joy when I saw my friends.

We had all arrived early and were lucky that we could go out and play. There were so many sports going on on the playground, so I decided to play football. Our game was a fun five all, when it was suddenly interrupted by the loud bell. It was time for our lessons.

We started the day with some exciting History. Learning about Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb was amazing and by the end of the lesson I was shocked by how much I had learnt. For period two we opened our Maths books and attempted to tackle some tricky division. Then before lunch, we went to the Computing block and learnt more about coding objects.

After our brilliant morning, I was really hungry so I went to lunch and had a delicious hot meal whilst chatting to my friends. Most of the clubs at St Paul’s Juniors, such as Latin, choir, football, Aikido, touch rugby and cricket, take place at lunchtime. Today, I didn’t have a club so I went to play cricket with some of my friends. We got a few great wickets and shots in before the bell rang again. Everyone around me groaned, but I smiled thinking about out next lesson, French!

As a class we went to our French classroom, where our amazing French teacher, Mr Reutenauer, taught us about classroom objects. For our next period we had P.E and, after changing into our kit, we went to practise our balls skills and footwork in the Sports Hall. The last lesson of the day was double Art, where we did observational drawings of chess pieces.

After all that hard work, the day had finally come to an end. I was excited to go home, but looking forward to the next day with our Forest School session and the House Rugby Competition!