St Paul’s Juniors – Vision and Values


At St Paul’s Juniors, we aim:

To create a friendly, caring environment in which pupils can feel happy and confident and where staff and pupils enjoy working with each other.

To encourage pupils to be kind, thoughtful and supportive of each other, to acknowledge the strengths and opinions of other people and to appreciate the value of cooperation and teamwork.

To develop the talents and interests that each child possesses, to present him with new challenges and opportunities, to encourage him to do his best at all times and to celebrate his achievements.

To foster a sense of community, working in partnership with parents, in which the values of mutual respect, tolerance, courtesy and consideration are encouraged.

To provide a rounded education in which academic, physical, creative, social, moral and spiritual elements are intrinsic and important parts.

To devise and keep under review an academic curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging.

To provide expert high-quality teaching and interesting, varied lessons in which pupils are encouraged to think creatively and critically.

To promote the sense that St Paul’s Juniors is part of a wider local and global community and encourage an awareness and understanding of the needs and circumstances of other people.


St Paul’s Juniors has a set of Core Values, which interpret the overarching values of the senior school in ways that are appropriate to the younger age of the St Paul’s Juniors pupils, and which are central to the life and ethos of the school.

Kindness and mutual respect

The cornerstone of our core values. When consulting pupils, parents and staff, kindness was consistently chosen as the most important attribute of the school community.


Integrity is another of the school’s core values. We want our pupils to choose what’s right over what is simply easy.


We aim to foster humility in our pupils – a realism about being a small part of a greater whole, and an appreciation that we can all learn from those whose experiences have been different to our own.


At the heart of our school culture is a commitment to academic excellence; we encourage pupils to make the most of a dynamic and stimulating curriculum that ignites imagination, challenges and inspires a lifelong love of learning.


Probing and thoughtful questions come thick and fast at St Paul’s Juniors. We value curiosity: How does that work? Where did that theory come from? Why do people think…? What’s the purpose of…?


The value of perseverance encourages us all to keep on trying when success is not immediate, and to accept that we may need to tweak our approach to achieve the goal.