Enquiries about results

The exam boards offer a variety of services to candidates after results come out. The most common of these are what we tend to call ‘re-marks’, though this is not what takes place.

The exam boards call it a ‘Review of Marking’ and a senior examiner looks through your work to check that the mark scheme has been applied correctly – marks will only be changed if a definite marking error is found.

At St Paul’s we can only accept requests for post results services on the appropriate form (see links at the bottom of this page).

If you apply for a marking review or clerical check you need to acknowledge that marks (and grades) can go down as a result, though this is quite rare. Submitting the form (on paper or by email – we will treat the email as a signature) confirms that the candidate themselves acknowledges this – it is their result and no-one else can accept this risk without their explicit consent.

In the past it has been unusual for more than 15% of candidates to get an improved grade, and usually less than 1% of grades go down. Some statistics are available from past years though there is no guarantee that the pattern will repeat.

Successful requests for reviews are more likely if the candidate and their teachers are surprised by the low grade, or the total mark is just below a grade boundary. Advice can be requested from Heads of Department (who have access to paper marks and grade boundaries) or the Exams Officer.

Note that Exam Boards will only communicate through the school, never with candidates or parents.

The Exams Officer will be in school on most “working week” days from 12 August and can be contacted on 0208 746 5487 or by email.

To get started, please click on the link below:

Enquiries about ‘re-marks