Admissions / 13+ Entry


Stage one: All registered candidates are required to take the ISEB online pre-test in October or November of Year 6 This will, preferably, be completed at their current school but if their school is unable to administer the tests, boys are able to sit them here at St Paul’s.

We will also request a report from a boy’s Head Teacher covering their character, academic strengths and interests. These reports and the pre-test results are carefully reviewed before deciding which boys are called forward to the second stage of the selection process, the interview. Parents and schools will be informed of our decision in mid-December.

Stage two: Interviews take place between January and July of Year 6. Boys take two 15 minute papers, one in English and one in Mathematics. When they have completed these, boys meet with a senior member of teaching staff who will spend 20 minutes talking to them about their academic studies. During this time parents will have the opportunity to speak to another senior member of staff.

If boys are attending schools which finish in Year 6, or are at school overseas, we will attempt to interview them between January and March. As it is a condition of entry that boys attend a school which will prepare them for Common Entrance during years 7 and 8, this will allow parents time to place their son in a suitable school should they be successful in receiving a Main List offer.

We will write within three weeks of the interview to let you know our decision. This will be one of three outcomes.

• A place on the Main List. This is a conditional offer of a place at the St Paul’s. It is conditional on the boy achieving a minimum of 70% in each subject at Common Entrance. This offer must be accepted by early September of the year before entry.

• A place on the Reserve List. Once the deadline for the acceptance of Main List offers has passed the Reserve List will be reviewed. An up-to-date report from the Head Teacher will be requested and some boys may be moved to the Main List.

• We are unable to offer a place at the school.

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Allison Chownsmith