Admissions / 8+ Entry


Boys may be registered for St Paul’s Juniors from the October they start Year Two.  For entry at 8+, a boy's eighth birthday must fall on or before 31 August in his year of entry. There are eighteen places available at 8+ and registration closes in early-October the year before entry.

To register please complete the online registration form. You will be required to upload an electronic copy of your son’s birth certificate or passport (bmp, doc, jpg, pdf, png) and make an online payment of the £175 registration fee.

Please note that If your son previously sat the 7+ entrance exams, and was registered before 1st May 2018, you do not need to complete the online process for 8+ registration. The St Paul’s Juniors admissions office will automatically contact you regarding the 8+ entrance exams.  If you are in doubt about the date your son was previously registered, please contact the SPJ admissions office on 020 8746 5461.


The offer of a place is subject to availability and the school’s entry requirements at the time of offer. Both parents must agree to the application (unless sole custody) and you consent to us contacting your son’s current school for a reference.

All boys will be required to sit a written exam. Successful boys will be invited back for an informal interview, prior to an offer being made. For all levels of entry into St Paul’s Juniors, a reference will be sought from the Head of a boy’s current school. Boys are accepted to St Paul’s Juniors on the understanding that St Paul’s will be their first choice of senior school.

Boys who join St Paul’s Juniors and stay for the full duration of their studies will be automatically registered for transfer to St Paul’s at 13+. 

For more information about entry to St Paul's Juniors at 8+ please contact Sue di Lorenzo.

Telephone: 020 8746 5444

Photo of Sue Lorenzo
Sue Lorenzo