EcoSoc is the school’s very own environmental society, created by the St Paul’s School Pupil Environment Committee, a pupil-led association dedicated in our united passion to inspire, instil interest and educate peers on eco-concerns, while ensuring that the school’s environmental impact is as low as it can be.

EcoSoc has one main principle: to discuss all things environmental. This can take form in group discussions on current eco-topics or similarly have a Pauline speak on an environmental interest of theirs. Guest speakers build the majority of EcoSoc’s events however, for we host talks from activists, advocates, professors and researchers, all united in their shared passion to spread environmental appreciation and awareness. The range of talks is so varied, spanning from environmental economics to environmental psychology, from animal and plant conservation to scientific innovations in response to climate change; this is what is so great about EcoSoc, for every event is different from the previous. The opportunity to enrich knowledge, awareness and understanding is endless.

The EcoSoc line-up often has the pleasure in welcoming speakers who are at the top of their respective fields, and we welcome pupils from any year to come and be inspired by our natural world.