Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

At St Paul’s we are lucky to have our own scanning electron microscope (SEM) as part of our microscopy research suite.

The research-grade SEM was acquired in 2015 to enable students to conduct their own research as part of the St Paul’s science curriculum.

The SEM gives pupils early experience of the skills required for lab-based research; collecting and analysing data, journal-style scientific writing and the post-production for presenting their work as science communicators.

It is a school research hub, open to partner schools and other educational establishments to encourage and inspire future generations in all aspects of science, ranging from biology to planetary science.

We encourage pupils at St Paul’s and our local and international Partnership Schools to propose, run and contribute to projects using the SEM.

Recent projects

  • Meteorite characterisation
  • Insect flight
  • Structural colour in butterfly wings
  • Iridescent beetles and ammonites
  • Bicycle part failure mechanisms
  • Mammalian hair structure
  • Fossilized lizards

For more information on the SEM programme or to propose any projects please contact Mr Luke Warriner.

The Halley Research Community runs training sessions on the Electron Microscope.