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March 29, 2019

British Depth Studies C.500-1100

A collaboration between St Paul’s and the University of East Anglia has seen Mr Seel join forces with the High Master to write a history textbook that focuses on the English Middle Ages.

The aim of the book is to make accessible key aspects of this period of history through its careful selection of documents and historical narratives. The St Paul’s theme runs deeper than just Mr Seel and the High Master being co-authors of the text; the cover and internal illustrations for the book are the work of Jon Williams from our Art Department. Completing the book’s close ties to the school, the publisher, Anthem Press, is headed by Tej Sood OP.

The book has been written primarily for students who are working towards the Anglo-Saxon and Normal England module of the Edexcel and AQA History GCSE. It is now available from major retail outlets, including Amazon and Waterstones.

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