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April 23, 2018

Charity Run for Beyond Ourselves

As part of the whole school walk for educational charity Beyond Ourselves a group of runners dressed up and ran 12km along the river.

On Thursday 29th, a group of ten Pauline’s and Teachers congregated outside the boathouse, all dressed to follow the theme of “60s gym”. Max being the most committed in a full tracksuit and wig. They embarked on the 12km venture with enthusiasm at a bright and early 9:30am in perfect conditions, blue sky and sun. The first part involved jogging up to Barnes bridge, crossing, and returning back down the opposite side. Having completed this, they were all feeling relatively confident, buoyed by the rousing words fed to us by the Captain of School, Jonny Routley. The group then ran on down to Putney Bridge, passing fellow Pauline’s who were marching down the river themselves, generally receiving encouraging words from them that spurred them on further. From Putney Bridge onwards, the group began to splinter, Mr Young and Captain Routley bringing up the rear, deep in meaningful, intellectual discussion, just preceding JJ who was spluttering his way down the riverside path with only the wise words of Jonny filling his head, cut adrift from the main group up ahead. Finally, they all made it back to the boat house, exhausted. Apart from Mr Milne who seemed to be up for doing it all over again. On their return they were greeted by a burger and an assortment of cakes back at school, which rounded off a hugely successful and satisfying run.

A huge thank you goes to Mr Young and Mr Milne for organising the run and also to everyone who donated money to this great charity.

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