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January 9, 2019

Climbing in Portland

On a sleepy Saturday morning in Portland, Dorset, the SPS Adventure Sports crew set off on their first outdoor climbing experience.

Though they were keen to get going on the climbs, they first had to learn how to properly belay and tie into harnesses before sending some short routes in the Cuttings. The groups then split into two; one group headed to a new area to climb much taller and imposing 6A and 5C routes, with the sharp limestone and unmarked hand holds making it a real challenge.

The next day saw the climbers waking up to find 60mph winds sweeping across Portland, creating some pretty spectacular waves along the coast. Due to the weather, the group was forced to climb back at the Cuttings and try some more challenging projects. With finger skin wearing thin and arms sore, all had climbed their hardest over the course of the weekend.

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