Club News – 10 February 2022

Cross Country

A loop course totalling 5km was marked out on pitches 1 – 4 this lunch break, and each club was required to put forward a runner per year group to run in a relay.

In an impressive overall time of 15:56, B Club came in 1st place and was also the only club to field a full team in club shirts! Well done (and thank you) to B! A special shout out to Sai (G) and Amaan (C), who were the only runners in their clubs to attend and therefore required to run all five laps themselves – they both demonstrated remarkable resilience. They were able to complete the course to thunderous applause from the spectators.

1st: B
2nd: E
3rd: H
4th: A
5th: D
6th: F
7th: G
8th: C

Club Swimming

The results for Club Swimming are below.

There were three events; 4 x 50m individual medley, 4 x 50m front crawl and an individual 50m free.

Each event was individually timed, and then scores were aggregated across the three events to get the following results:

1st: E (8 points)

2nd: A (7 points)

3rd: G (6 points)

4th: B (5 points)

Joint 5th: D and H (3 points)

7th: F (2 points)

Points have been allocated based on teams having full cohorts and then positions.

Thank you very much to Roxana for running the event!

Club Masterchef

There was an impressive assortment of dishes presented in the second round of Club Masterchef. Students were required to cook a dish making use of ingredients that might otherwise go to waste and were given a list of the most commonly wasted ingredients in the UK to help guide them. They then had to present their dish to the esteemed judging panel of Ms Rahim, Ms Grogan and Ms Johnson on Friday, who tasted each dish and awarded points based on the complexity of the dish, the presentation of the dish and how well the dish met the brief.

It was an exceptionally tough round, and all who attended the event can attest to the hard work and brilliance which went into each dish! Final dishes can be seen in the gallery below.

Joint 1st: B (Shivan Arora) and E (Niko Dahl)

3rd: G (James Platt)

4th: C (Josh Ferro)

5th: A (Aidan Wong)

6th: F (Sebastian Marsoner)

7th: H (Eamon Coates)

8th: D (Raphael Hibou)

Thank you to our judges for giving up their lunch break to attend and provide feedback!

The joint winners, both of whom were commended for creating dishes the judges would “pay good money for”, have been invited to participate in a live final with SPGS after the half-term remedy.

Again, please do consider commendations for your worthy club chefs!

Well done to our winners for this week and good luck for the remaining three events of the half-term; cross-country, junior badminton and classics!



B Club Winners - Cross Country
A Club - Cross Country
A Club - Cross Country
C Club - Cross Country
D Club - Cross Country
F Club - Cross Country
E Club - Cross Country
G Club - Cross Country
Joint First Place
Joint First Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place
Sixth Form
Seventh Place
Eighth Place