Paint-a-Picture – New Year Theme

Pupils were asked to submit a piece of art using any medium of their choice (paint, drawing, photograph, collage, sculpture etc) representing the theme – 2021: New Year.

The submissions were judged by Teacher of Art, Thomas Flint. Results below.

First place – Shivan (B Club)

Description: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Review and comments from the judge: This is a subtle spacious composition giving the viewer a real sense of openness with the freshness of calm blues on a mountainous range mixed with a positive narrative.

Second place – Jacob (E Club) 

Title: All eyes on the new year

Review and comments from the judge: Delicate bright colours, beautifully rendered in pencil – Are these eyes looking out at us or segments of exotic fresh fruit. A great piece of uplifting work.

Third place – Enyu (G Club) 

Title: The 2021st Circle

Review and comments from the judge: A fantastic dynamic piece with energy and boldness in design reminding us of Mango comics. Although a fierce subject matter beholds us, I feel the winds of change stands fearlessly silhouetted against it.

Fourth place – Aiden  (H Club)

Title: Sailing into the New Year

Review and comments from the judge: Silhouetted ships sailing off into the dusks sky or are they approaching? Either way, one thinks of exploration and adventure bringing with it the unknown. This piece has a beautiful backdrop of warm colours complementing the cool water below.