Bullock, Arthur Earnest

Unit: Royal Army Medical Corps attd. 4th Battalion Middlesex Regiment

Date of death: 26 September 1915

Age at death: 26

Cause of death: killed in action

Place of burial/commemoration: Brandhoek Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen

From the Pauline Magazine: Bullock had a very successful time at St Paul’s as he was Captain of D club, a prefect, Captain of Swimming and Gymnastics and in 1907 he, along with W. G Hull, managed to win the Inter Public School Challenge shield at the Aldershot competition. After he had become Captain of Swimming in 1907, his team won the Shepard Cup in 1908.

High praise was given to him in his obituary “Such a life as his is good to look on, unassuming, effective, brave and gentle, lived in the light of faith as real as it was unostentatious.” His men and officers in the military also spoke very highly of him stating that a brother officer added “His remaining men, thirty-five in number, repeatedly begged him to let them carry him back during the night to the dressing station, but he refused to leave them as there was no other officer there.” As well as this a lieutenant said “He was one of the finest officers I ever knew…”