Schwarz, Reginald Oscar

Unit: 6 Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps


Date of death: 18 November, 1918

Age at death: 43

Cause of death: Spanish Flu (he was taken ill the day after the Armistice)

Place of burial: Etaples Military Cemetery, France

‘He was Captain of the First XI in 1891, 892 and 1893. [A friend of Schwarz recalled that] “when I was playing for my First Eleven cap for cricket, and my success turned on my scoring runs in the Masters’ Match of 1891, I was badly bruised by a bumping ball from Kerry. Reggie, who was then batting with me, came across the wicket and said, “Never mind, Toff, old man, try to hold on until lunch and leave me to get the runs.” The result of this word of encouragement at a critical time was, that I got 48 runs and my cap. My only purpose in writing this letter is, to try to repay, however feebly, the kindness of a boy who worked heart and soul to save another boy who was probably the most notorious idler and slacker who ever entered the School.”’Pauline Magazine

Schwarz was a famous googly bowler. Having emigrated to South Africa he played for that country in 20 Tests. He was also a rugby Blue, gained from Cambridge in 1893. He represented England in three rugby union internationals against Scotland (1899), Wales and Ireland (1901.) At club level he played for Richmond, Middlesex and the Barbarians.