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November 3, 2021

COP26 Activities

To mark the start of COP26, there will be a programme of climate change-related activities happening this week. 

Pupils in the Fourth Form will be researching the likely impacts of climate change in Geography, while in History, Dr Beesley will be sharing learnings from the Late Bronze Age Collapse. Lower Eighth Economists will be exploring why the free market has failed to address the problem so far.

Polecon will discuss whether self-governance is a solution to climate change, while the Politics department will be running a debate for all years on whether the West is to blame for the crisis. In Drama, the Senior Playreading Group will be analysing the climate change play “Earthquakes in London” by Mike Bartlett and considering how broader culture tackles such issues. Computing will also be looking at how to make sense of raw data from various sources, including NASA. EcoSoc will also be giving a series of pupil presentations over the next two weeks on the topic to provide their take on events. 

The Kayton Library will be putting on a display of recent climate change books to help you go beyond the headlines. They will also open up their archives to reveal how the school’s societies have tackled issues relating to the environment in years gone past.

Finally, to reflect on the learnings (and hopeful successes) from COP26, the former leader of the Green Party, Baroness Bennett, will be speaking to the Isaiah Berlin Society and EcoSoc on Wednesday, 17 November.

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