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Topical Tuesdays – COVID-19: From the Frontline with Dr Matthew Barnard OP, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

02 FEBRUARY 2021


Zoom Webinar

The Topical Tuesday series sees guest speakers from the St Paul’s Community share their take on the current environment.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital is part of Barts Health, the largest NHS Trust in England. Barts has admitted over 4000 patients with COVID-19. Matt will describe his first-hand experience of working in an intensive care unit treating patients with COVID-19. This will include the preparation and re-organisation of medical services, the types of illnesses which were experienced and treatments provided, including some advanced treatments only available at designated centres. He will relate how management of patients evolved during the first wave and lessons learnt. He will cover some novel aspects which meant dealing with a completely new and different disease. He will summarise outcomes of patients who were admitted to hospital and intensive care as well as risk factors for survival. He will relate some anecdotes of personal experiences of patients and staff, as well as effects on staff morale and working practices. He will describe some of the consequences of the first wave for non-covid patients who had treatments interrupted or delayed, as well as how urgent cancer treatments were continued during this period.

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The views, information, or opinions expressed during the Topical Tuesdays Series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of St Paul’s School and its employees. The webinars are available for private, non-commercial use only – you may not edit, modify or redistribute.


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