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Juniors Pastoral Evening

16 MAY 2019


Wathen Hall, St Paul's School
St Paul's School
Lonsdale Road
SW13 9JT

The Juniors are delighted to host The Parent Practice for our summer term pastoral information evening. All parents want the very best for their children and they want to see their children happy, successful and fulfilling their true potential. In this seminar The Parent Practice explores ways to motivate our children to do their best without applying huge pressure. The seminar will provide practical strategies to help parents support their children in getting things right. The talk will cover ways of motivating children to want to do their best, how to focus on the positive aspects of children’s behaviour and how to encourage children to try hard and to persevere. Parents will learn how to define and understand the importance of self esteem, identify common parenting myths about cooperation, understand the difference between descriptive and evaluative praise and identify multiple ways of preparing children for success. We are very excited about this collaboration and hope that as many of you as possible will be able to attend.

Details will be sent out by email shortly.

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