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Pauline Perspectives

04 MARCH 2021


Zoom Webinar

Debating the Motion “Free speech trumps all: Twitter tantrums should be tolerated, not terminated”

Join the High Master and whole Pauline community for this year’s Pauline Perspectives debate on the topical subject of the freedom of speech and what is acceptable in a social media dominated world.

Recent events have seen one of the most powerful men in the world helpless against the Twitter ban. Should controversial views be debated or deleted? The growing universe of social media platforms opens our access to information but their market dominance over the public space concerns us all. To what extent should this constantly evolving digital landscape be regulated and how, or do we give way to hate speech and fake news?

While we regret not being able to meet in person and share refreshments over discussion of what is sure to be a lively debate, the audience will be invited to vote on the motion both before and after the debate to see how many hearts and minds have been swayed by the arguments of our distinguished panel.

This a free event organised by the SPS Parents’ Group. There will be the opportunity for a voluntary donation. We are hoping to replace the funds we would normally make on this event and those which have been cancelled this year by setting a target of £3000. All proceeds will be used towards school projects, bursary funding and events which support the development of the whole school community. Just to name a few, these include grant funding to various academic departments, support of bursary student participation in fee paying school activities, Welcome events for new parents and our annual Christmas Soirée and decorations.

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