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St Paul’s Juniors Play: The Terrible Infants

15 NOVEMBER 2018


St Paul's School
Lonsdale Road
SW13 9JT

“Tilly loved telling tales, but the tales Tilly told tended to be totally untrue… little Tilly loved to lie, she didn’t know why, it just made her feel funny inside… like the buzzing of a little bee in her belly, excited from too much honey”. Meet tale-telling Tilly and her troupe of Terrible Infants in St Paul’s Juniors’ Autumn production. Brought to life by a large ensemble of third years, Oliver Lansley’s ambitious script, likened to a meeting of Tim Burton and Roald Dahl, is packed with puppetry, music and naughtiness. What ever happened to Beatrice, with a bee in her bonnet? Have you heard the story of Thingummyboy? Not to mention mingin’ Mingus with fungus fingers… and that’s not even the half of it. Featuring original material devised by the cast, this theatrical, sad, silly and deliciously dark piece of theatre will be one not to miss.

Arts | Parents, Students

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