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March 30, 2019

A Fibreglass Elephant to Skyscrapers of Shanghai

Spring term in the Milton Gallery

To start 2018 the Art department teamed up with SPARTA parents group to create a fantastic showcase of artworks lent by SPS and SPJ parents. ‘Collections’ had a huge variety of styles and genres; centre-stage was a vibrant, fibreglass elephant as well as a light-up concrete and rubber bench alongside some more traditional ceramic and bronze pieces. On the walls a floor-to-ceiling piece made from brightly coloured textiles hung next to a tiny Rembrandt etching. The show was such a success that there are plans to repeat this theme again in a few years.

Since Remedy ‘Lovin’ it’ was installed in the gallery. This series of slick, large-format pictures and film by photographer Adam Hinton looks at the changing face of Shanghai as it becomes a city of fast-paced lifestyles, cutting-edge technology and consumerism. The Lower Eighth artists benefitted from a talk by the photographer himself during their art lessons.

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