High Master Essay Prize and Internal Symposium Winners Announcement

We are delighted to announce the winners and commended entries for the 2021 High Master’s Prize as follows:

2021 Winners:
• Elias Fizesan – Device for Analysing Coughing Patterns to Diagnose and Monitor Asthmatic Patients
• Rick Chen – The Platonic Solids
• Omar Burhanuddin – Should We Tell History Like We Tell Stories?

2021 Commended:
• James Trotman – Kin-Targeting in a Cournot Oligopoly: An Analysis using Game Theory
• Hari Collins – Is Titian better than Rembrandt?: Incommensurability and Politics
• Finn Lavington – Overcoming Our Natures on the Journey to Mars
• James Lawson – A lesson from America: Resisting the Decline of Liberalism

Additionally, we are also delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 Internal Symposium:
• Senan Bottomley – Barry B Benson’s Dilemma
• Omar Burhanuddin – Should We Tell History Like We Tell Stories?
• Carlo Garzarelli – Un Secret de Pochinelle: War and Torture in Algeria Through the Lens of French-Language Film and Literature

Overall the quality of the scholarship was exceptional and a testament to the diligence and talent of this year group.

The High Master’s Internal Symposium is a series of talks given by Upper Eighth students based on their High Master’s Prize submission essays. The winners of the Symposium will go on to speak at a Joint Symposium with St Paul’s Girls’ School and then present at Apposition in the summer.