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February 8, 2018

How the Electron Microscope is Changing the World

Celebrating our first Electron Microscope seminar and the work of OP Joe Flannery-Sutherland
Our first practical Electron Microscope seminar was held on 8 February, for an audience of parents, pupils, Old Paulines, past parents and guests, hosted by our own Dr Tom Weller. This intimate event demonstrated how this phenomenal tool has changed our world and how we are continuing to discover more. The microscope, purchased with the support of the St Paul’s Community is now an important learning tool, giving our pupils and outreach students the opportunity to run their own research projects.

One pupil who took full advantage of the microscope was OP Joe Flannery-Sutherland. After leaving for university Joe went on to publish an academic paper in which St Paul’s is acknowledged, as he collected his preliminary data while still at St Paul’s using the Scanning Electron Microscope.

Joe is currently in his final year at Bristol, where he and his work recently featured in the BBC documentary Attenborough and the Sea Dragon. After so much success it is not surprising that Joe now has his eyes set on a PHD and a career in academia.

We are proud that Joe’s story started here at St Paul’s. The Electron Microscope may be changing our view on the world, but the minds using it are shaping our understanding of it.

Due to popular demand, we are going to run more seminars next term. So for those who would like to attend an event like this, please keep an eye on our events page and updates to find out more.

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