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July 23, 2018

Improving Road Safety

SureLight have been named best JA Europe Company of the Year 2018 following their win at the UK National Young Enterprise Awards.

SureLight went on to further impress judges in Belgrade on July 20th, during the three phases of the European competition: stage pitching, jury interviews and stand exhibition.

Their product, a smart bicycle brake light, aims to improve road safety by using a car’s brake light technology, repurposing it for bicycles. SureLight won the “Citi Foundation Client Focus Award” on top of the title of Company of the Year, with two teams members, Ben Ray and Luke Andrews,  recognised by the “JA Alumni Leadership Award” supported by AXA. An unprecedented achievement.

Pauline and Managing Director of SureLight, Ben Ray said; “We’ve learned so many lessons taking part in the JA Company (Young Enterprise) programme, running a student company alongside an intense school curriculum. I really hope it can inspire further generations, because there is no other way to learn to be an entrepreneur than just do it yourself,”

Over 340,000 students, across 40 countries in Europe, took part in this year’s Young Enterprise activities. Last year, Venture Pad won the National Young Enterprise Award for their underwater note pad, which was a super achievement. This competition offers pupils a chance to discover their entrepreneurial abilities, learning valuable financial acumen and work readiness, preparing them well for a fast-changing future.

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