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November 16, 2015

Judo Gold Medal

On Saturday 14 November. Hilton Forsyth, Lower Eighth, secured a gold medal at the London Area British Schools Championships.

Hilton who was representing St Paul’s in the under 81kg category demonstrated faultless management of each contest, showing good posture and agility in defence combined with a wide range of techniques in attack.

In the first contest, following a sequence of threats with major throws from both contestants, Hilton caught the opposing Black Belt with a well-timed foot-sweep (known as De-ash-harai) scoring an ippon (the highest score a contestant can achieve and which ends the match).

The remaining contests seemed impressively one-sided with Hilton’s use of major throws, hold downs, strangles and armlocks to win the remaining matches by ippon.

Hilton qualifies for priority entry to the 2016 British Schools Championships.

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