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May 20, 2015

Lord Burghley winners

The athletics team put in the strongest collective performance to win the Lord Burghley Trophy, held at Eton last weekend. School records were broken and the juniors and intermediates won their age groups.
New school records were set:

  • Fergal Burnett Small (Year 13, Upper Eighth): senior 400m, 49.2
  • Harry Grindle (Year 9, Fourth form): junior 100m, 11.4
  • Will Palmer (Year 8, Colet Court): 800m, 2.21.0

Fergal Burnett Small, Paul Calderon (Year 11, Sixth form), Harry Grindle, Charles Salvest (Year 12, Lower Eighth), Will Saunter (Sixth form) and Alex Scott (Fourth form) dominated the 400m, winning four out of the six events and coming second in the other two.

Five Paulines won two events:

  • Edan Baines (Fourth form): javelin and shot put
  • Alex Scott: 400m and shot put
  • Ben Tatters (Fourth form): 800m and 1500m
  • Martin Noè-Nordberg (Sixth form): shot put and discus
  • Gianluigi Tosti Di Valminuta (Sixth form): shot put and discus

Fergal Burnett Small (400m), Paul Calderon (400m), Harry Grindle (100m), Oliver Hill (Fifth form; high jump), David Nartey (Fifth form; triple jump), Oladotun Saliu (Sixth form; triple jump) and Charles Salvest (400m) all won their respective events.

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