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March 8, 2022

MasterChef Final

On Friday evening, Nikolai (Sixth Form) and Shivan (Lower Eighth) travelled St Paul’s Girls’ School for the MasterChef final. They had made it through the two preliminary rounds of the club competition at SPS and teamed up in the final with two SPGS pupils who had won their equivalent competition. In their mixed teams, pupils had to make a main and a dessert in the SPGS kitchens, and the event was livestreamed to a small audience of staff, pupils, and parents from both schools in the SPGS dining hall. The pupils handled the pressure extremely well and their impressive creations were judged by the head chef from SPGS and Will Shine, who deemed it too close to call and announced a draw!

It was a successful event enjoyed by pupils and staff from both schools, and we look forward to the event taking place again next year.

“It was a great experience to collaborate with the girls’ school and have the chance to make something for the judges. It was a unique experience. I have never had to make a meal under time pressure or for judges and so the opportunity to do so was a great one. Our team made ginger and garlic salmon with a yoghurt and cheddar crust, green pea relish, mango puree, some assorted vegetables for a main course, and a take on brandy snaps with spiced vanilla cream and a chocolate base for dessert. It was truly an incredible experience.” Nikolai (Sixth Form)

“We got a firsthand insight into how professional kitchens function and met some wonderful people who supported us. Our team made a Japanese kaiseki tasting course, with a variety of fish, and Japanese steamed egg, ‘chawanmushi’, followed by lime, raspberry, and pineapple tart with Hawaiian coconut butter mochi. The collaboration with other pupils interested in food was incredible as it broadened our understanding of a range of cuisines and techniques.” Shivan (Lower Eighth)


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