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May 14, 2015

Mock Election, 2015

Held the day before the real thing and powered by some highly organised party machines, our mock election saw a turnout just above the 66% achieved nationally. Over 60 candidates stood across nine constituencies.

The Conservatives were the clear victors, taking seven out of the nine seats. A by-election in F Club led to a narrow victory for the Teddy Bear Alliance, following an intensive grassroots campaign from Jake Curtis (Year 13, Upper Eighth). The Liberal Democrats, led by Tristan Louveaux (Year 12, Lower Eighth), took the staff room with a strong showing.

Exit polls proved spot on: the Tories took 37% of the popular vote, almost identical to the percentage they polled nationwide the following day. The effects of theFPTP system were strong, leaving the fragmented left severely disappointed. Labour, led by Alexander Mavroleon (Lower Eighth), the Greens (Oscar Nagy, Upper Eighth) and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (Matthew Garside, Upper Eighth) polled 35% of the popular vote between them, yet won not a single seat. The remaining party, Ukip (Ramon Menon, Lower Eighth), polled 6%.

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