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April 6, 2016

National School Rackets Doubles Championships

St Paul’s Rackets added another piece of silverware to its cabinet during the National Schools Rackets Doubles Championships at Queens Club.

In magnificent form, Matteo Perper & Ivo Macdonald dropped just one game throughout the whole event to win the Colts U16 event, 4-1 in the final against a determined Wellington pair. This win saw St Paul’s take this title for two consecutive years, as Alex Engstrom & Nico Hughes won last year, establishing our dominance in the junior ranks of National schools Rackets over the last few years.

Nico Hughes & Yian Macdonald, our 1st pair, reached the semi-final of the main event in fabulous style. The pair was put together in the absence of former winner Alex Engstrom, who is taking a sabbatical from Rackets to concentrate on his Squash endeavours. However, our captain did not disappoint in his replacement of Alex, with Yian playing a superb part with Nico in reaching the semi finals. Congratulations to him in his last school Rackets event; every bit a captain of distinction!

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