Particle Physics Virtual Summer School 2021

While we can’t have everyone on site for our residential Particle Physics Summer School we can share with you the associated exciting programme of lectures over three days: Wednesday 14 July – Friday 16 July.

Over the course of three days, join us for seven talks and two workshops delivered by academics from Queen Mary University of London. All sessions are designed to be accessible to able GCSE and A Level students who are all welcome. Please see the timetable below for more details.

All of the sessions will be held via a Zoom webinar. To attend the virtual Particle Physics Summer School, participants must register in advance using the form below. Only one registration is needed to attend all of the sessions as they will be delivered using the same Zoom link. If you cannot make some or all of the sessions but would like to watch them, please still sign up to receive a follow-up link to watch the session at a later date.

LectureIntroduction to Particle PhysicsFrom ancient Greece to the modern day, how our understanding of what our world is made from has changed.14/7/2115:0045 minutesDr Ben Still
LectureParticle DetectorsSpark counters, GM tubes, bubble/cloud chambers and modern detectors14/7/2117:0045 minutesDr Alison Elliot
LectureParticle AcceleratorsElectric fields, magnetic fields, linacs, cyclotrons, synchrotrons and the Large Hadron Collider.15/7/2109:1545 minutesDr Ulla Blumenschein
LectureParticle physics in the wider worldExplaining how particle physics diagnoses and treats medical conditions, and make the world wide web work15/7/2111:0045 minutesProf. Peter Hobson
LectureHiggs Boson and beyondWhat is the Higgs Boson and what comes next?15/7/2113:3045 minutesDr Seth Zenz
WorkshopFeynman Dominoes WorkshopIn this session Dr Seth Zenz will guide you through a game which uses graphical calculation tools called Feynman diagrams to teach you more about the Higgs Boson.15/7/2115:1545 minutesDr Seth Zenz
LectureNeutrinosGhostly particles, changing oscillation and the beginning of the Universe.16/7/2109:1545 minutesDr Linda Cremonesi
WorkshopLEGO QCDUnderstanding the strong force and colour charge using LEGO.16/7/2111:0045 minutesDr Ben Still
LectureCERN Tour and Career TalkWhat is it like to be a research physicist and how do you become one.16/7/2113:3045 minutes Dr Marcella Bona

Header image (c) Kamioka Observatory, ICRR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), The University of Tokyo