Year 12 Chemistry Enrichment Programme 2020 – Postponed

This course is now postponed.


St Paul’s School academic partnership programme holds free courses and conferences throughout the year for Year 10 and Year 12 pupils.

Courses are only available to pupils from state maintained schools and whose teachers are in contact with St Paul’s School Partnerships Team.

Course content

The aim of  this course is to provide keen and talented scientists with the opportunity to undertake substantial, undergraduate-level organic syntheses. This is a great chance for students to get ‘hands-on’ with equipment and chemicals, as well as learning sophisticated practical techniques and organic reactions, and will be invaluable experience for those considering chemistry and related degrees. With the teaching expertise and laboratory facilities available at St Paul’s, participants will cover:

Session 1:

Reduction of a carbonyl compound and Infra-Red spectroscopy

Session 2:

The Wittig reaction

Start copper coupling reaction

Session 3: 

Finish copper coupling reaction

The Aldol reaction

Mechanisms: borohydride reduction, Wittig reaction and Aldol reaction

Session 4: 

Chemiluminescence reaction

Synthesis of Oil of Wintergreen