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February 8, 2022

Partnerships: London LitSoc Kids’ Book Club

Over 50 children and their parents attended Saturday’s first-ever London LitSoc Kids’ Book Club, which was hosted at St Paul’s School.

Every month a new book will be selected to read, and the author will come in and discuss the book and its wonderful characters.

On Saturday, we welcomed M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, who explained how they came to write about Hal and Uncle Nat and their steam train adventures. There was a bit of science as they explained how steam trains work, then we got to help them as they built the plot for their next book. Children were wonderfully inventive, imagining gruesome endings for the murder victim. Maya and Sam finished with a dramatic reading from their latest book, which will be published soon, and when they ended on a cliff-hanger, there was an audible gasp from the audience.

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