Partnerships Update, 23 September 2021

It’s been a busy week for our Partnerships team. Women’s Aid was voted as the St Paul’s School UK charity of the year by the school community and the Lower Eighth start their afternoon volunteering programme this week.

We’re delighted to announce that the Senior School has voted for Women’s Aid as the UK charity of the year. Mr Taylor, Ms Grogan and the Pauls4All committee will be in touch with more information over the coming weeks about how we’ll be able to support this charity. Meanwhile, The St Paul’s Charity Committee (SPCC), with representation from all St Paul’s community members, is reviewing our local charity partners. Parents will receive further details about this soon.

Lower Eighth students start with their Volunteering Friday Afternoon Programme this week. This builds on the success of the Colet Mentoring and Google-based mentoring initiatives that were created last year, and we are also gradually opening up the in-person programme. COVID is still making this challenging, but we’re looking forward to pupils getting out more into the community and opening doors to partner schools and the local community over the coming weeks.