Prefects 2021-22 Academic Year

Many congratulations to our pupils who have been appointed Prefects for the 2021/2022 academic year.

George Davies – Captain of School

‘I have been privileged with 10  years at St Paul’s, and see this opportunity as one to give back, and to make a lasting positive impact on the school. The role of Captain offers a chance to both represent the school to an often highly critical outside world, and to help improve it, by bringing together a variety of different voices within the community as well as providing a point of authority  within the student body. I know that this school is made up of intensely kind people; from the security guards smiling on your  entry every morning to the solidarity of friends when an exam goes badly, it is clear that this community is a force for  tremendous good. I want to make sure that St Paul’s is represented properly and in good faith by somebody who wants that  kindness to show through to each other and the rest of the world.’

William Shackleton – Vice-Captain of School

‘I think that it is tremendously important for younger pupils have positive role models, particularly those new to the school. I hope that with friendly approachability and calm confidence I might be able to assist in motivating, inspiring, and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential. Through my sustained commitment to school life I have embraced the many opportunities that come with the privilege of attending St Paul’s. In combination with other activities outside of school, I have been able to develop an eclectic skill set that I hope will be well-suited to this role.’


Alexander Adams, Kaan Akyol, Eddie Atkinson, Senan Bottomley, Nikolas Boyd-Carpenter, Jago Cahill-Patten, Kangzi Chan, Mrinaank Chilkoti, Hari Collins, Callum Elder, Jamie Fielding, Ramón Garcia-Rodenas, Carlo Garzarelli, Benedict Harrison, William Hitchcock, Charlie Hunt, Arthur Kenny, Finn Lavington, Sebastian Marsoner, Kelechi Nwoko, Ben Roberts, Haren Samarasinghe, Eashan Shah, Matthew Smith, Toby Thorogood, James Trotman, Julius Turley, Harry Turner, Lorenzo Usai, Louis Wilson and Joshua Zhao.