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December 14, 2021

Partnerships News

This week, our partnerships news includes an article about the final Primary Professors, a special mention about Lower Eighth mentors and the first Colet Mentoring Newsletter.

The final session of Primary Professors took place on Saturday with pupils from 15 of our local primary school partners. St Paul’s School teachers led the session with support from Eighth Form volunteers. 

In the final week of the course this term, Year 5 pupils moved to senior school labs/classrooms. We are delighted with the feedback we have received about the programme. All parents agreed that Saturday’s session helped develop their children’s curiosity in STEM, and based on pupils’ self-evaluation data; they reported being 75% more confident in their abilities in the topic after the session.

Individual feedback from Primary Professors pupils about Eighth Form mentors (in their own words):

  • It was so fun! I learnt all the questions, and now I understand them!
  • He gave me time to think and made sure I understood. Great lesson. I hope I can have him again. 
  • It. Was. Brilliant. He didn’t tell me what to do but let ME figure it out. I just thought it was amazing! He also had great patience. Thank you!

Viera Gray Volunteering 

Special mention must go to Lower Eighth, Yusuf Baig, Yannis Benaben & Charlie Pearce, who have been visiting Viera Gray care home every Friday this term to deliver quizzes and conversation. 

Colet Mentoring

Please click here to read the first ever Colet Mentoring Newsletter. It includes an update about Primary Professor, the Mentee of the Year and a Christmas Competition.

Statistics from Colet Mentoring sessions run between 16 November and 13 December 2021. 

Individual users19
Total number or sessions108
Total session time in min2,357
Total session time in h39h 17 min
Average session length22 min
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