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November 15, 2023

Remembrance Day Service 2023

On Friday 10 November, the school observed Remembrance Day bringing together the entire school community, including both SPJ and SPS. The event warmly welcomed OPs and governors, culminating in a deeply significant and moving service, where OP Laurence Binyon’s ‘For the Fallen’ poem took center stage, echoing the sentiment: ‘we will remember them.’

Varen (Upper Eighth) actively participated in the service by laying a wreath at the Cenotaph. He has shared his story with us about his experiences as a Cadet, and you can find it below.

While the Cadets instilled in me a sense of duty and teamwork, it also taught me that service doesn’t always require grand gestures. It’s often the accumulation of countless small acts of kindness and support that can have profound impacts on individuals and communities. Whether you’re part of an organisation like the Cadets or not, everyone can contribute to the well-being of others through simple acts of compassion and assistance. It’s a reminder that in the tapestry of service, every thread, no matter how modest, plays a vital role in creating a stronger and more connected society. 

We all share difficulties and hardship, even though they might manifest differently for different people. The endeavour to alleviate others’ hardship, even a little, while we may be undergoing our own is a courageous action in itself. Cadets taught me that shared hardship drives people together. It’s in these times that the actions that we do for others and others do for us, are the most meaningful.


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