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March 1, 2022

RSC Chemistry Olympiad Results

Congratulations to the 149 Paulines who sat the RSC Chemistry Olympiad in January. St Paul’s School has had its best-ever year in the competition, setting three new school records:

  • More awards than ever before (135 this year beats 128 in 2021)
  • More silver awards than ever before (65 beats 63 in 2021)
  • More gold awards than ever before (25 beats 24 in 2019)

Additionally, Eamon Coates (Upper Eighth) qualified for the second round by scoring more marks than any Pauline has ever done before: he was ranked 4th of the 8,668 competitors, only 34 of whom will contest round two, aiming to gain national selection for the International Olympiad in China in July.

In the paper, competitors tackled some topical questions, including analysing the mechanics of lateral flow tests and the thermodynamics of vaccine storage, as well as more novel chemistry, such as methods of synthesising molecules with the same structures as Chinese knots.

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