Sponsored Games Half for Partnerships Charities

In the last week of half term, we would like to encourage pupils to exercise and keep active during lockdown, whilst also fundraising for Beyond Ourselves, our partner charity that works in Zambia.

With this in mind, next week (beginning 8 February) the school charities department will be running a school-wide Sponsored Games Half.

The activity should entail around 30 mins-1 hour of exercise. Potential activities might include:

  • 5km walk/jog
  • 10km cycle
  • 5km erg.
  • 20min HIIT session/fitness session with Ryan Blake
  • 30mins rugby 7 skills session
  • 30 mins football skills session

We will ask pupils to submit evidence of their completed activity (e.g. a photo of them taking part, a screenshot of the number of steps taken/distance travelled etc.) on their year group Google classroom. Submissions will be incorporated as part of a larger piece of artwork and will result in points for the pupils’ clubs!

Please encourage your son to take part in his games half day next week (details below) and donate via the JustGiving page.

All the best

Rob Taylor on behalf of the Pauls4All committee

Game Half Times:

Fourth Form – Tuesday, 2.00pm

Lower Eighth and Upper Eighth Forms – Wednesday, 2.00pm

Fifth and Sixth Forms – Thursday, 2.00pm