Sport Update – 25 March 2021

There has been a plethora of physical activity available since school has started again with the emphasis on participation, fun and physical and mental well-being.


A significant highlight of the return to school has been the opportunity to be out on an immaculate Big Side playing football. While disappointment remains in the Upper Eighth over a lost season, there is no doubt that the last three weeks have brought a lot of joy. Whether competing in 421 or training in year group bubbles, the relief and sense of normality school football brings has been palpable.


Despite a long Autumn Term of touch rugby, many boys have chosen to play rugby 7s this term. For the past three weeks, boys from all year groups have covered every inch of the 3G pitch getting back to full fitness and developing their game.


The 1st XI cricket squad has been in on Saturday mornings, in addition to Tuesday after school when the U17 and U16 bubble groups have also trained. The U15s have been practising on a Wednesday after school, and Saturday mornings have also seen over 30 Fourth Form pupils attend trials.


Earlier this week, there was a tragic incident on the SPSBC slipway where a regular visitor, a seal pup named Freddie Mercury, was attacked by a dog. He was transported to a hospital in Essex, but the injuries sustained were irrecoverable and he was put to sleep – an incident the news of which staff and pupils received with heavy hearts. Freddie the seal’s story was a stark reminder to us of two things. First, of how fortunate we are to have access to the river – and second, that it is our duty to protect it, and those who share it with us.

In lieu of the annual Schools’ Head of the River Race, SPSBC will row a 2k ‘School’s Head’ piece in honour of Freddie the Seal. All donations will be split between Thames 21 (a school-partnered charity seeking to uphold the river’s integrity) and British Divers Marine Life Rescue (the charity which rescued and transported Freddie). Please support them via this link:

Club Basketball:

The results of the Upper Eighth Club Basketball finals are now in.

7/8th Place – D beat C 3 points to 2

5/6th Place – F beat E 2 points to 0

3/4th Place – H beat G 10 points to 0

1/2nd Place – B beat A 7 points to 3

Many congratulations to B Club.