Spring Term Recap

Sixth Form Events Spring Term

Starting at the National Gallery, we looked at paintings by Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo & discussed subject matter, patronage & technique, as well as the powerful images created by Caravaggio and Rubens & compared these with images made in Holland by Vermeer & introspective self-portraits by Rembrandt. For the 18th century we looked at English paintings, mostly portraits as well as landscapes by Turner and Constable. For the Impressionists, Degas and Monet, the Expressionists, Van Gogh and into the 20th century with Matisse and Picasso.

Our next tour at the Tate Britain traced the development of art in England from the 16th century to today. The British school of art began in the 18th century with William Hogarth and the establishment of the Royal Academy which dominated artistic taste in England until the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood broke all the rules and changed artistic direction. Then for the 20th century we considered the impact British artists had on the world stage.

Our next tour, scheduled for the 2nd of March will be at The Victoria and Albert Museum which has the largest collection of applied and decorative arts in the world, with over two million objects. We will discuss the founding of the museum and examine some of the highlights. From a Leonardo codex to Beyonce’s butterfly ring, from a court dress to a medieval tapestry there is a myriad of objects to discuss and admire.

We now have a small, but growing group of budding art buffs amongst the Sixth Form Parents!

Fourth Form New Year’s Drinks

Over 100 parents gathered at Enoteca Rosso on High Street Kensington to enjoy Italian canapes and drinks in equal measure! For many parents, this is the first time they have met and socialised since joining the school and from the atmosphere, it was long overdue! Thank you to the fabulous Fourth Form reps who organised a wonderful event amidst changing guidelines.