Film Competition 2021 Winner

Last term, the Drama department ran its annual Film Competition.

As ever, the rules were simple: entries must use no dialogue and not exceed five minutes in length. However, this year the directors were faced with the additional challenge of producing their films under lockdown conditions, using only the resources and actors already in their bubbles. The final films reflect the skill and ingenuity of each director in not just overcoming these challenges, but using them as creative stimuli.

Congratulations to Sixth Form pupil, Elijah who made the winning film.

Midnight Snack review by Mr Chamberlain

‘A boy sneaks out of his bed to get a midnight snack, but soon realises that he is not alone and gets himself into a bit of a pickle…’

Even before the final shot of a slowly rotating pickle jar, Elijah ‘Midnight Snack’ is captured with such charm and humour it would fit comfortably alongside some of the best adverts on TV. The narrative is simple: three siblings raiding the fridge in the middle of the night, but we are kept hooked the whole time. The clever use of home lighting helps establish a mood and strong aesthetic from the beginning. Lamps light the hallways as children creep downstairs, and the light of the fridge is utilised to give us clear dramatic shots of their faces. The soundtrack is tense but playful, cut at just the right moment for comic effect. The film builds to a hilariously bizarre dinner party scene, captured through an array of quirky shots.

Elijah shows real control over his craft, using each technical element of his film-making toolkit with surprising clarity of style. Whilst’ Midnight Snack’ is quirky and absurd, it never loses its coherence. All three minutes and forty seconds feel entirely utilised. Not a moment is wasted. I am really excited to see what Elijah produces next.

Congratulations to all of the participants who took part in this year’s Film Competition:

  • Lucas C (Sixth Form)
  • Leonardo (Fifth Fom)
  • Harry H (Sixth Form)
  • Kian K (Fourth Form)
  • Leo O (Lower Eighth Form)
  • Enyu H (Fifth Form)
  • Jack R (Sixth Form)


Winning Video

Midnight Snack
Sixth Form pupil, Elijah