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What is St Paul’s Connect? 

St Paul’s Connect is a new web-based networking platform dedicated to helping St Paul’s alumni, parents, former parents and friends of the School to connect with each other, mentor recent leavers and expand their professional networks through the St Paul’s Community. The platform will also allow users to find out more about School activities, news, jobs and internships, regional and international events and professional and social groups that they are able to join.

Are all of my year group listed in St Paul’s Connect?  What information is public?

All alumni who have a profile in the St Paul’s alumni database will appear in St Paul’s Connect.  Only an alumnus’ name, leave year, and country of residence are listed. All other information remains private until an alumnus creates a profile and chooses to make additional information public.

Who is St Paul’s Connect for?

St Paul’s Connect can be accessed by the entire St Paul’s Community including alumni, parents, Upper Eighth pupils, former parents and staff.

What will St Paul’s do with my personal information that I list on St Paul’s Connect? 

Any updated information contained in your St Paul’s Connect profile will be used to update the information St Paul’s currently has for you in your alumnus/parent profile.

Is St Paul’s Connect mobile-friendly? 

Yes. St Paul’s Connect has been designed to ensure optimal viewing on all devices, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and more. We also plan to launch a app version of the platform in the near future.

Does St Paul’s Connect have a search feature? 

Yes. Users can search by name, affiliation to St Paul’s, leave year, university attended, degree course, business information and more. Just head to the Directory tab to start searching.

Can anyone access St Paul’s Connect? 

No. Users that have to be invited by the School to join St Paul’s Connect. All other users must be authenticated by staff at St Paul’s School before they can access St Paul’s Connect. 

Can St Paul’s Connect users use the information contained on the platform for business purposes? 

No. The content and directory information contained in St Paul’s Connect is for use by registered users only and should be used for non-commercial personal communication between individuals.  Use of this information in any other way is strictly prohibited and may result in revocation of directory access.  Directory information may not be used by anyone other than the authorised user viewing it and may not be distributed or sold.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues? 

For tech support, send an email to support@stpaulsconnect.org.  For issues related to account approval and content on the site, send an email to community@stpaulsschool.org.uk.

What are the benefits of logging in with LinkedIn or Facebook? 

Logging in with LinkedIn or Facebook speeds up the login process. This option allows you to easily connect profiles you've already set up through the other social platforms. This also allows you to see what other alumni in your social networks are using our platform, as well as invite your fellow alumni to join St Paul’s Connect if they have not already done so.

I updated my information, but it's not appearing that way in my profile. 

Each section on the "update your profile" page has its own individual "update" button. You must click this button for each section you update before clicking "I'm done updating" when you're finished.

I recently updated my information on my Facebook or LinkedIn account. How do I update this information in my St Paul’s Connect profile? 

When logged into the platform, click the "update your profile" button in the top-right corner of the page. Select the "Sync now" button. Click "I'm done updating" in the top-right corner.

What if I don't have a LinkedIn or Facebook account? 

You can log in using an email address. If it is an email address we already have on file, you will be automatically approved. If we don't have the updated contact information, your approval will be pending, and the alumni office will verify your information.

I have more questions!

You can reach a member of the team by emailing community@stpaulsschool.org.uk or calling 020 8746 5390