Our Community / Summer Festival

Climbing wall (age 11+)

Are you brave enough to summit the Everest of inflatables – the six metre tall climbing wall? It’s great fun but slightly nerve-wracking. There’s no need for safety harnesses as experts are on hand to supervise the wall and all those who choose to conquer it. Coming down is almost as hair-raising as going up!

Up to four people can climb the wall at a time, so why not challenge yourselves to a race to ring the bell at the top?


Obstacle course (age 7+ or 5+ with a parent)

Whether you’re young or old, big or small, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself as you clamber through this  large inflatable, ducking through tunnels, bashing through barricades and climbing ropes ladders, before finally sliding down to the end.

Measuring nearly 10 metres long, this bouncy obstacle course is enormous fun!